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Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia founded Scarlet Splendour in 2014. The siblings grew up in Kolkata, India with a deep sense of appreciation for the aesthetic. They combined their mutual passion for design to form Scarlet Splendour, with a view to integrate their maximalist sensibilities and become, possibly, the first design editors in India.


Scarlet Splendour was launched at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during the Milan Design Week 2015. Their debut collections were born out of the genius of Matteo Cibic from Vicenza, Italy. 

Scarlet Splendour combines its exquisite artistry with immaculate design to evoke decadence and timelessness. 

Origin: Kolkota, India

Since the 70s, BD has always been an atypical company. The founders and still owners came from architecture and not from the business world from the beginning marked a cult to the beauty of objects in some cases above their function. 


This, together with more artisanal than industrial production processes, facilitated the development of products closer to art than to industrial design. High quality, short series (sometimes limited), and by an artisanal manufacturing makes each product unique. 

Origin: Barcelona, Spain

An idea born of two brothers, Carlos and Helena. They grew up and lived inside the memories told by their grandfather Antonio, with his own mastery of storyteller.


Alma de Luce is more than a company that produces furniture pieces. It is a brand that aims to pay tribute to the memories and praise the World’s cultural heritage through traditional Portuguese craftsmanship.

The use of noble materials, along with the inspiration, Portuguese craftsmanship and design, embodies the commitment to express feelings and emotions which lay in our memories, as pieces of furniture with soul and unique identity.

The brand challenges the past through the design and craftsman in order to build strong cultural heritage giving them a new life, creating new emotions and references. 

Origin: Vila Nova de Famalicão,Portugal

Mingardo Ilario founded Mingardo Blacksmith Workshop in 1970, after over twenty years’ experience in the metal processing field.

The production was initially focused on simple blacksmith works for the construction industry. Over the time, it has become more refined, enabling the company to collaborate with internationally renowned companies and architects: from the first collaborations with architect Carlo Scarpa to the more recent commissions for Museo del Novecento in Milan, Parco della Musica in Florence, and Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari.

Origin: Monselice, Italy

Laura Meroni Design Collection is a family business with the ability to combine Italian tradition and originality, balancing craftsmanship and creative imagination,


The manual component is an essential feature of their production, as are the care and originality of details and the innovation and research in the surfaces’ treatments.

LAURAMERONI offers to the most renowned artists in design and architecture the possibility of overcoming the bonds required by the mass- production, giving life to iconic collections

Origin: Brianza, Lake Como, Italy


Vergés is a family-run business with over 40 years of experience.

International and national designers and design studios created incredible and unique furniture collections for Vergés Selection.

Vergés has been one of the leading manufacturers used by architects and interior designers in search of furniture collections for restaurants, hotels and other stylish public spaces.

Origin: Girona, Spain

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