Amy Theresa

Creative Collaborato

collaborating  with a team or individual sharing a common purpose of creating something new through ideas, a shared understanding and common goal.

 Specializing in Furniture Procurement

Experienced in Procurement, Logistics, Web DesignEvent Styling, Prop Styling

If asked to describe myself in two words,  I would say I am a creative collaborator. My love of art, design and interiors began at an early age but truly became my life and passion when I started my first company in 2010, Hammer & Hand Imports, an antique and vintage furniture gallery. 

How it began...

The world of entrepreneurship is not an easy one but has been extremely rewarding and taught me that the best way to succeed is to collaborate and think outside of the box. Starting Hammer & Hand as a retail store, I quickly realized that selling such unique items would require a different approach. I pivoted to an online retail connecting with a larger audience. My customer base was an eclectic audience from coast to coast looking to add something special to their interior that would give their space life. This move proved to be extremely successful. Hammer & Hand became one of the top sellers on Etsy for vintage furniture. I managed trade, logistics, marketing, social media, web development and customer care and retention.


After several years, I found a gorgeous space to showcase these treasures and opened my gallery to the public. 

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Retail can be challenging and sometimes the right space and beautiful items isn't always a winning formula so you have to get creative. My love for food and wine as well as collaborating with other artist and creators helped to start my underground dinners series, The Silk Rodeo.


The Silk Rodeo quickly became one of the number one dinner series in St. Louis, MO attracting some of the top chefs like James Beard nominees, Micheal and Tara Gallina and other foodies in the area. My guerrilla marketing plan worked. The dinners were held in the showroom and attracted magazines, photographers and bloggers that photographed and wrote about the amazing dinners surrounded by my unique and exotic treasures. 


This shined a spotlight on how amazing my pieces looked with beautifully plated food. I began collaborating with chefs to help them find amazing statement pieces to add to their restaurants


Collaborating with a team of chefs, sous, sommeliers, writers, and photographers was an incredible experience. Being in charge of the collaboration of the entire team, ticket sales, event styling, host, and logistics was extremely rewarding to know that the success of this dinner series was a result of my passion and drive.


My love for collaboration continues to grow...

After years of owning this wildly successful business that promoted many collaborations with restaurants and hotels all over the world a unique opportunity to represent an artisan furniture brand out of Barcelona Sistema Midi presented itself to me. They chose me to be their US brand representative and distributor.


This opportunity brought me to Barcelona where I fell madly in love. I was completely captivated by this city. It had it all. Food, wine, art and some of the most incredible interiors I have ever seen. Upon my return, I felt a huge pull to begin working with more European countries and find a way to connect my love for vintage with the world of modern furnishings.

Hammer & Hand, born of the idea that our goods from Asia were made by hand and simple tools, remained an important part of my soul to offer clients something special and handmade that would last lifetimes. This desire to continue to offer artisan pieces made by hand had me searching for brands and ateliers all over Europe that were made by artisans. The HH (hammer and hand) remained in the name and H+H Modern was born.


H+H Modern was a provider for designers and architects looking for a procurement company and an "escape from mass produced interiors". The original intent was to mix modern with the old world goods in my gallery. Of course I had to host a dinner in a stunning MCM home to release this new concept.


After about 6 months, I was representing 8 different brands in Spain and Italy. I was finding so many new opportunities to grow my business and found myself not only offering my procurement services but also designing interiors for several commercial projects. The most exciting being the six common rooms for the student dorms at Idyllwild Arts Academy where I provided custom made tables, bookcases, and hand selected performance fabrics for the seating. 


A key collaboration...

During my search for brands to represent that wanted a presence in the US, I found Xera. Xera is an Italian Stainless Steel Kitchen producer. They have provided artisan, hand made cabinetry to some notable clients. The most impressive being Starbucks Reserve in Milan where they provided "Starbucks gold" cabinetry and Calacatta Macchia Vecchia marble for all of the counters.  


Xera  became very popular among high profile designers and luxury builders. As the sole US distributor, I began providing cabinetry for several multimillion dollar homes and luxury designers and developers all across the US. My role as US brand representative and distributor for Xera and other furniture and cabinetry providers in EU was a huge undertaking. My roles included; site measurements, architectural plan reviews with technical drawings, collaboration with project management, architects, designers, contractors, electrical and plumbing teams, and more.  

A new collaboration...

The pandemic, as many small business experienced, was a challenge. Learning to navigate the world of trade and logistics in this new climate was eye opening. Having stalled projects and shipping delays left me with some time to consider my next move.

My exposure to art, design and interiors and having an extensive list of roles and responsibilities during my tenure as owner and operator of two successful furniture providers it felt very natural to continue in the collaboration and interior field as a residential interior designer.

Here is a look at one of my in progress projects in Porter Ranch, CA. 


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With my collective experience working as the lead in many interior projects and having designed several commercial interior spaces I decided, why not?

Working alongside teams with different needs and styles required the ability to react and create synergy among the collaborators resulting in an efficient and smooth working relationship. Having worked in numerous fields taking on many different roles ensures my ability to lead a successful project. 


  • H&H Imports, owner/operator

  • The Silk Rodeo dinner series, founder/director

  • East Hotel Miami, curator of bookshelves for 89 executive suites

  • Idyllwild Arts Academy, interior design

  • 2 Unit Condo, Cabinetry designer and provider

  • MCM Home, cabinetry designer and provider

  • Historic Home, cabinetry designer and provider

  • Hidden Hills Home, kitchen provider

  • 9137 Cordell (38 mill spec home in the Hills), kitchen and closet provider

  • Kelly Wearstler Studio Toronto Guest Home, interior and exterior kitchen provider

  • Investment Firm, 6 kitchens and 8 bathroom designer and provider


  • Porter Ranch Residence, interior design

  • Greenwich Village Restoration - kitchen and marble provider

  • DAVI (transforming bed/desk) + collaboration James Peter Henry - Social outreach and marketing manager

  • High profile celebrity client - designed a custom makeup chair

  • Chakrachai (chakra activated drinks and truffles) - lead interior designer

  • Kelly Wearstler Studio Toronto Home, interior and exterior kitchen provider